Case Study

Client Overview

Client Air Force has modern 4th Gen eastern-bloc fighters. Tactical pilot training provided to client by aircraft supplier was at a ‘basic level’ only. Recognition by client that improvement was possible. Client had desire for ‘ownership’ of training, to support national strategic objectives.

Relationship / Trust Building

TFT built relationships with all stakeholders from strategic-level ministers, air force staff officers, air force HQ and front-line squadron pilots.

Needs, Analysis and Options (NAO)

Following trust and relationship building, we explored the needs of all stakeholders and coupled this with determining the maximum potential of their plaform capabilities.

This study was commissioned through an initial fixed contract called ‘Needs, Analysis and Options’.

TFT took an inventory of the following:

  • Training Structure including pilot competencies and qualifications
  • Training Enablers (Simulators, Red Air availability, de-brief systems (ACMI etc), Instructional tools, Tactical Employment Manual, SOPs)
  • Known training deficiencies highlighted by the client
  • Desired capability already determined by the client
  • A study of client aircraft, avionics and weapons in terms of potential capability and current employment tactics
  • Operational objectives were reviewed and where appropriate, matched to national objectives
Recommendations to client from our NAO Contract:
  1. Initial Options for Training:
  • Tactics Manual Production
  • Tactical Ground School
  • Syllabus Design
  • Tactical Flying Training Course

2. Road Map / Strategy for Future Training:

  • Instructional support for delivery of Tactical Flying Course with TFT support phased out over time to give client sole ownership of training
  • Fighter Weapons Instructor Courses – Delivered annually to qualify next generation of client’s tactical instructional pilots
  • Night flying and NVG courses to enhance 24 hour capability
  • Operational Test and Evaluation of Air to Air missiles

Contract for Training

The client chose to accept all our Initial Options for Training. In collaboration with the client’s most experienced front-line pilots, we developed a modern Tactical Flying Training Course, with accompanying syllabus, ground school and a comprehensive Tactical Manual for the clients specific aircraft variant.

A seperate contract for an Air to Air Fighter Weapons Instructional Course was signed and then delivered in order to qualify the most expereinced instructors in the modern tactics and procedures prescribed in their new tactical flying course.


TFT were subsequently selected as the pilot training partener of choice and have since delivered four bespoke training courses across fighter and transport aircraft.